Interview Shortlist Announcement  (To Be Announced !!)
   Announcement to the Interview Shortlisted Applicants: 
        1. Dress code : must dress in proper attire. Applicants in an improper cloth (jeans, t-shirt and sandats) will be rejected for their interview.
      2. Meeting time : must arrive at the interview meeting room 30 minutes before the scheduled interview period.
      3. Interview : must pass the personal interview by communicating in English.
      4. Documents : must bring along the applicant card, ID card or Passport.
   Online Application : (First Round / Early Admission 2) 
        Please click at 

        Application Submission : December 1 - 29, 2017
The application will be rejected if the required scores are not reported in our online system on the application date.
   Official Admission Announcement (November 24, 2017) 
        Thai version
        English version