Important Note for International Students Admission 2017
1.   Special channel for international students application  (through the university international affairs office)
As with our effort to recruit international students, we understand that in the past there were international students applying to our program but some of them were not admitted due to a highly competitive admission to our program. In 2017, a special admission channel for international students has been set up to facilitate the international student admission. This will be through the university international affairs office. In addition to 160 students that we are going to admit, we have set up a quota of 16 additional international students that will be admitted through this special channel. Of course, it is our anticipation that this will be giving international students a higher chance to get into our program. Submitted score from international students will be ranked only among international students’ applications submitted to this particular channel.  Of course, international students can still apply to the BBA office channel but scores will be ranked together with Thai applicants, which can be more competitive. Please refer to the statistic information here for the past admitted scores in the BBA office channel for your consideration (http://bba.acc.chula.ac.th/index.php/2014-06-27-06-06-17/bba-statistics). The statistic does not include the new SAT score since we are starting to accept the new SAT score for 2017 admission. Applying to both channels is possible but that means everything will be done twice, for example, application submission, application fee payment, and interviews. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee which channel will be the better way for you as it will depend on the submitted scores. The partial scholarships will be granted to all admitted international students no matter which application channel you are applying. The first year full scholarship for the top 3 students will be considered across regular and special channels. Please read note # 4 below for more details on the International Students Scholarships 

2.   International student admission requirement
The international student admission requirements are the same as those of Thai students. Please follow this link to see the admission requirement  http://bba.acc.chula.ac.th/index.php/2014-06-27-06-06-17/admission-requirements 
3.   Application channels
3.1 Application channel through BBA office for Thai and International students

BBA office application channel for Thai and international students has two application periods: Early online application and General online application.  
For early online application, the period will be in December 2017. The BBA program opens for early applications for those applicants who has met the specified academic aptitude test score (1,300 and above for old SAT or CU-AAT OR 1360 and above for new SAT). The program will admit these applicants provided that they have met all the application’s requirements and pass the interview.  Please follow this link for more details at http://bba.acc.chula.ac.th/index.php/2014-06-27-06-06-17/admission-requirements
For general online application, the period will be in January 2017. Please follow this link for more details at http://bba.acc.chula.ac.th/index.php/2014-06-27-06-06-17/admission-requirements
3.2 Application channel through University International Affairs Office for international students only
This is the mentioned special application channel for international students only. Please be informed that the application period will begin on 1 January 2017.  Please see more information in the following table.  The link provided in this table will be active on 1 January 2017. Applications through this channel are to be done online through the same link.  
  Application Form  
  Application Period
  1 January - 29 February 2017
  Interview    March 2017
  Final Selection Announcement    10 April 2017
  Enrollment Confirmation   11 - 14 April 2017

4.   Scholarships to be granted to every admitted international student

It is the BBA program’s effort to recruit international students in order to internationalize our learning environment. Partial scholarships will be granted to every international students admitted in 2017 admission. The scholarship amounts consist of THB 44,500 for Fall Semester, THB 44,500 for  Spring Semester, and THB 31,500 for Summer. This is equivalent to an annual scholarship amount of THB 120,500 (approximately USD 3,400). Scholarship will be granted as long as students register and until graduation. Please follow this link for more details on this scholarship. In addition, international students who are admitted to the program with scores ranked in the top 3 will be granted with a full scholarship which will cover the full amount of tuition and fees for the first year of study in the BBA program. This full scholarship amount is equivalent to THB 329,750 (approximately USD 9,400). Please follow this link for more details on this scholarship. Students who have received the first year scholarship will, of course, be granted with the mentioned partial scholarship for the remaining years in the BBA program.