2017 Summer Internship Program for 3rd year students

  About the Program

During their third year of study, or junior year, students must complete an internship in a national or international business organization or government agency and be responsible for particular assignments. They must take on assignments and work at the business organization or government agency according to their indicated preferences. Students are encouraged to choose a workplace that matches their interests, or the type of job that could benefit their future careers. The areas of business in which students are allowed to have their internship include Finance and Accounting, Marketing, Personnel Management, Production, Sales Management, Transportation, Import/Export Management, International Affairs and General Management. The choice of workplace is subject to final approval by the Course Instructor(s). 

   Internship Application Process 

  Eligibility Requirements

  • Applicants must be a third year student, or junior year for Summer semester only before pass.  
  • All IB major students are required to complete the Internship as a graduation requirement.
  • All Accounting & Financial major students are not required to complete the Internship it is optional and can be taken as either an elective or free elective.
  • The internship should be considered a full-time position. In general, interns are expected to be in the lab 40 hours/week, from 9AM - 5PM, Monday - Friday.
  • Students must work for a minimum of eight weeks for a total of 240 hours; to obtain credit from your Internship. Internship hours cannot be split into multiple periods. However, many companies have a formal Internship program period for two months in order for students to get deeper knowledge and solid work experience. Students should plan to be available for the entirety of the summer program in order to attend trainings at the beginning of the program and final presentations at the end.
  • Students Internship Program (SIP) of Bangkok Bank is not a part of BBA Internship Program.

  How to Apply

They are required to fill in an online form. The online application will be open on October 15, 2016. Go to the Internship Guidelines and Requirements and read the information carefully to make sure. 
  1. Log on to the Internship Online Application at http://student-bba.cbs.chula.ac.th/Account/Login.aspx.
  2. Username: Student ID Number without 26 (Ex. 57412345).
  3. Password: the numbers and letters logging in the CU NET.
  • Student must submit in order to complete your application:
  1. A completed Internship Online Application form with photo.
  2. An academic transcript.
  3. A current resume – Download Resume Template.
  4. A copy of student ID card with “Certified True Copy” and your signature.

  Internship Periods
  • The internship period is normally in the Summer Semester : June 1 - July 31, 2017. Students must work for a minimum of eight weeks for a total of 240 hours.
  • Students who participating in an Exchange Program preventing that cannot do the internship during the summer semester (June – July), they must arrange to complete the internship during the December 6, 2016 – February 3, 2017 period before studying abroad.

For more information, please contact ::
Ms. Sirikarn Phithakthanachok
Internship Coordinator and Web Contents
Tel: 662 218 5738, 662 218 5840 Ext. 102
Fax: 662 251 3718