2015 AEC Travelling Classroom in Laos and China

Feb 15 2015
Written by : Kitrawee Nutchanart BBA #16
It is such a wonderful experience for me to be travelled to China and Laos for AEC travelling classroom. This trip has broadened my perspective and knowledge with our neighbouring countries.In addition to that,this will help me to be fully prepared for the opening of ASEAN Economic community in this coming year.
Travelling to China by R3A route, I have seen how goods are being transport among Thailand, Laos and China. From this trip, it can be seen that R3A route is a great way to help in developing logistics, commercial and tourism industries among these 3 countries.
Last but not least, I went to Xishuangbanna ;the city in southern part of China which once was a part of Thailand until the year 1850.I have seen some similarity in their culture, language including their way of life. These similarity will be a great way in building a relationship with them when it comes to business in the opening of AEC economic community in the near future. All in all, this AEC travelling classroom has given me such a grateful experience and knowledge that I could not find in the typical class.