2014 Exchange Presentation for BBA students

Nov 07 2014

Written by: Ms. Arya Rishi, BBA#18
On Tuesday, November 4th, fifteen BBA students gathered to listen to a short presentation by students from Chula's partner universities, namely Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Switzerland), Oregon State University (USA), and National University of Singapore (Singapore).  
The presentation was both insightful and inspirational. The first student to present was Pascal Waser from Lucerne. He showed everyone how beautiful his university's campus is. Lucerne University is both diverse and educational. Pascal showed breathtaking pictures of Switzerland. There were neat little buildings in small towns. There was the Swiss Alps, with its aesthetic magic in the form of nature. But the real magic came at the end when Pascal delighted everyone by giving the educational atmosphere a twist with Swiss chocolate!P' Yod suggested rewarding anyone who was willing to ask Pascal questions about his university. But, in the end, everyone got to eat chocolate. Two students, Michael Kitzmiller and Cristina Juarez Hernandaz, from Oregon State University then presented about their school. Like Lucerne, Oregon State University is diverse. The university has several clubs, many of which reflect the multicultural environment on campus. There are even dances from different ethnic groups. The university there is project and research oriented, which means students get to experience what it would be like to work in the real world. Yan Li took over the last part of the presentation by talking about the National University of Singapore, one of the most well-known universities in Asia. He emphasized on how easy it is to travel in Singapore, where traffic is not as bad as it is in Bangkok.  If any BBA student visits Singapore, he or she can probably travel around the whole country in a week. The place is also very multicultural. Any Chula students studying in Singapore can get a real taste of China,Malaysia, India, and (if they start feeling homesick), Thailand in only a few days!