Nov 03 2014
Written by: Mr. Pongsan Ahkuputra, BBA #17
17-19 October 2014 Marks to day of the Third BBA Chula Camp, organized by the BBA students from across all years. This annual camp aims toward providing information and preparing the 100 soon-to-be high school graduates for their entrance examination and University life at BBA Chula. The opportunity for us BBA students to showcase our culture and give the much needed insights to the high school students that could not otherwise be found anywhere else.The three day camp went by in a flash, and it could not have not turned out to be a success without the hard work of the management team, staff, and the high-school students themselves. With the countless exchange of smiles, laughter, and farewell tears, it is safe to say that the memories and bond created here will last for a Lifetime. Hopefully we will get to see them all again soon, as our freshmen here in BBA Chulalongkorn University. Until then, we will meet again in BBA Camp No.4!