Mr. Thammasak Jittimaporn, CEO of Green Spot Co., Ltd. was a guest lecturer in "Current Issues in Marketing" Class

Sep 03 2014
Written by: Ajarn Yayus Sulyanni Mak
On Friday, April 26th, Ajarn Yayus Mak’s students in Current Issues in Marketing 2013 had the pleasure of attending a special guest lecture by Khun Thammasak Jittimaporn, CEO of Green Spot Co., Ltd.
Khun Thammasak led the students through Green Spot’s rich corporate history and the brand evolution of Vitamilk over the past 50 years. Using examples from the Company’s current advertising campaigns, the lecture taught the students the importance of a brand blueprint that captures the values of the organization, differentiating characteristics of its product, and the unique message communicated to its target customers.
Khun Thammasak also shared how Green Spot has successfully expanded the Vitamilk brand throughout South-East Asia and Africa. Students learned how the Company used a balance of market analysis and understanding of consumer behavior to localize Vitamilk’s promotion and distribution strategies while maintaining consistency to its corporate values and brand blueprint.
Founded in 1954, Green Spot’s main mission has been to produce and distribute quality beverages to consumers. Vitamilk was Thailand’s first bottled soymilk and has remained the best-selling soymilk in Thailand ever since.