BBA Thai Class for the Exchange students for Fall Semester 2014

Sep 17 2014
Written by : Thanachaporn Chatkriseri, BBA Student Council  
This year's Thai Class for the first semester of 2014  was held on the 20th and 25th of August by the BBA student Council.  The student council aims to teach  exchange students basic Thai language to help them get around in their daily life and also Thai culture such as the do's and don'ts. We are also intent on showing them ways of getting around Bangkok and to other major attractions.
A total of about 50 students attended each of the classes. Students that were from all around the world proved eager to absorb the new language and culture.
Even though, the BBA student council (International Program) hosted the Thai Classes, it was not without participation from dedicated students from the Thai Program as well, proving once and for all that the desire to reach out and help exchange students settle in the Land of Smiles was universal among CU students. 
The Classes for this term ended on 18th September. In these three classes, something more than knowledge about language and culture was exchanged. They were friendships, relationships, and irreplaceable memories. 
Needless to say, we take great delight in hosting this event and will be looking forward to the next one. So until then, สวัสดี ครับ (for men) ค่ะ (for girls).