2014 Major Selection

Sep 03 2014
Written by: Piyapat Attanatkun, BBA#18
As the first year of being a freshman is coming to an end, the next chapter of being a BBA#18 student is about to begin. On Wednesday April 23rd and Thursday April 24th, students were given the chance to join a talk session held by the BBA Office about major selections as well as the opportunity and careers that each major offers.
On Wednesday, the session started with a quick test that helps determine whether our character fits well with the International Business major. We were given 20 yes or no questions and the score tells us whether we are suitable for either the IB major or Accounting or Financial Analysis and Investment. Ajarn Chavapas Ongmahutmongkola, a professor from the “Entrepreneurship” class and a Founding Partner of PrimeStreet Advisory (Thailand) Company Limited, talked about the various advantages that the IB Major has compared to other two majors. He showed us that the IB major is about being a manager, a creative innovator and a great entrepreneur who brings resources together and add value to it. The guest speaker’s talk was very inspirational as he used many examples of successful people who chose the IB major during their college years. He also talked about how IB major is broad and that it gives students many types of skill that they will need in the future.
On Thursday, we had two guest speakers which specializes in two different areas. Ajarn Boonlert Kamolchanokkul, a Partner at PwC Thailand, an ACCA member and a representative member of the ACCA International Assembly, talked about how the Accounting Major is very useful and that the demand for accountant always increases. He noted that great accountants determine a business’s success and the career path for accounting graduates is endless. In addition, Ajarn Pisit Jeungpraditphan, an Audit Committee – Director at Mudman Company Limited and a Non-Executive Director at Gereje Corporate Finance, talked about the Finance major and the courses students will take throughout the remaining three years. There is a wide range of careers that one can pursue as a Finance graduate such as a financial analyst and a stockbroker.
Both sessions were very helpful and they will definitely guide us in choosing what will become the next chapter of our lives.