BBA Rural Project #7

Sep 03 2014
Written by: Klittima  Vatcharobol, BBA#16
BBA Rural Project is similar to a community service camp. Our objectives are to give something back to the society as well as to widen our perspectives about the standard of living of those in the suburbs. This project is a good opportunity for BBA students, who are born with all comforts, to open up their mind about the true happiness that lies within a simple smile.
The 7th BBA Rural Project took place during 12-18 December 2013 at Baan Sum-Pu School in Lum-sak District, Petchaboon Province. There are four sub-activities which were construction, education, welfare and community relations. All participants will be rotated each day to perform the task of each activity. This year our construction mission was to build an auditorium for the school. Each day participants will be working on mixing the cement, building the walls, and white-washing them. It was really a tough work. 
Through the hardships, step by step, we learn lessons that will change us forever. Sometimes we tried too hard to find that one moment in life that we forgot that it was just right beside us from the very beginning. Within 8 days, we brought back experiences, friendships, memories, and new perspectives that will last for a lifetime. 
“True happiness happens when a smile is returned by another smile.” BBA Rural Project #7