2016 BBA Rural Project #10

Jan 08 2017
11-18 December 2016, a community development camp named 'BBA Rural Project' had been held at Ban Ruea Thong Khlong Kham School, Phu Sing District, Sisaket Province.

Written by: Natnicha Patiphollert, BBA#19
BBA rural project is a community-service retreat for selected students to develop themselves with underprivileged people living in the rural area. As a coordinator of this camp, I’ve developed a variety of skills from the lowest level to the highest one. Firstly, I’ve learned how to organize the system and deal with different kinds of people. There were many different stakeholders that related to this camp; therefore, I have to understand all their needs and satisfy them. Moreover, the important lesson that I’ve learned is giving. This camp taught me how to give first. What I did is trying to support all my members in the team. I put all of my efforts to drive all my team members and at the end what I got is meant a lot. I realized that all little things or sayings of my friends are great power to motivate me to push this camp forward. Lastly, this camp creates another warm family and this will be one of the best memory in my university life. Thank you, Rural Family.

Written by: Supasin Sappisarnkul, BBA#19
It has already been a decade for Rural Project that has been established aiming to improve people’s lives in rural area especially at school. Fortunately, this year’s camp has been hold in northeast of Thailand, Srisaket. However, it was challenging this year since the construction structure for school library is mostly made by wood, which is the first time for us to experience such case. As the camp’s coordinator, I have mainly focused on these three components: staff members, campers, and local people. Therefore, every activity in the camp must be set up to satisfy at least one of those three. I’m very proud of my core team and staff members very much this year because we have coordinately put all of our efforts to set up this camp. Finally, I really appreciate this opportunity of my life. The one of the life time that is meant a lot to me. I would say thank you to myself and my seniors that have decided to be truly involved in this “Rural Family”.