2017 Major Selection Session

May 20 2017
Written by Ms. Rawibun Sawattananond, BBA#21
In today's major selection session, professors from different major have come and gave information each major specifically.  They have clarified to us about the courses that we will be able to take in a second and third year, which made me understood that each major have a different purposes and subjects are different as well. In financing, students will be focusing on collecting raw data and interpret them into information for further uses. In accounting major, we will be able to understand how the operation works by looking at cash flows of a business. Moreover, we will receive a degree that can guarantee us to work in a big company after finished the course. In IB, students will be able to learn how to manage the business in general. The course will not focus on a specific subject like the previous ones.  The professor also introduced many big firms to us as an inspiration and guide for our career path. This emphasize the importance of choosing major that suit us most because the business area will be totally different. However, because it was a short session, professors were not able to go in detail, but we all get the general idea of each major, which I think it was very useful for us as it help many students make the decision.