L’Oréal BRANDSTORM 2015 Roadshow

Nov 06 2014
Written by: Ms. Danittha Limakaraungkul, BBA#17
We were honoured to have L’Oréal recruitment team with us on 27th October,2014. There were many participants from other faculties international programmes such as Economics and Engineering. The presentation starts with L’Oréal recruitment talks mainly about Master Programme’s Internship and Career paths in L’Oréal. However, only under special circumstances would they considered offering internship such as winning participant from this happening “L’Oréal BRANDSTROM 2015” the proclaimed “Ultimate Strategic Business Competition”. They open info session about the competition which covered the rules, criteria, procedure and selection process that Ajarn Krittinee Pongthanalert, together with other professors, will be scanning for the first selection. Lastly, they made creative closing by initiating L’Oréal Quiz game to check if the participant really understood and remember every tiny details about what they presented. The awards, of course, L’Oréal products such as L’Oréal for men, L’Oréal hair fall and not to mention the topic of the competition, Lancôme. I and my friends were lucky to be able to answer their questions and I specifically asked for the Lancôme creme, in which they gave me. All in all, the session was mainly informative yet fun at the same time, it was also my first contact with Human Resource team and they had diverted my attention away from the competition for the moment, I will definitely come again should they come for another recruitment talk.