2014 ELCA (Thailand) recruitment talk

Nov 03 2014
Written by: Sasatorn Thongroong, BBA#16
At ELCA (Thailand) recruitment talk, Khun Plaeng ELCA talent acquisition share​d​ with us ELCA history, vision and different department description​s​ and the brand portfolio. Follow​ed  by P Kik, Estée Lauder Product manager who describe​d​ her job and share​d​ with us the heritage and product line​s​ of Estée Lauder.
​I, ​Sasatorn Thongroong​, 3rd year IB major student​ ( ELCA intern 2014)​,​  was offer​ed​ an internship position as Estée Lauder Training Coordinator​.  I assist​ed the National training managers in training the ​beauty ​assistan​ts. From this position I've gain​ed​ ​various new knowledge such as sales technique, how to approach clients and customer relations. Moreover I also ​got the chance to help out with marketing campaign, competitor analysis and advertisement. It was such a fun and memorable experience. Highly recommend​ed​ for cosmetics lover!