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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Chulalongkorn University SIFE Team of 128 members led by President Mr.Chote Jindaratanacholkij (BBA 3rd year Finance major student) and Advisor Ajarn Kavin Asavanant won "SIFE Thailand National Exposition 2011". There were 21 universities from all over the country competing in SIFE Thailand National Exposition during July 27-29, 2011 at Mahidol University International College. Chula SIFE Team will represent Thailand as National Champion in SIFE World Cup 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on October 3-5, 2011

List of 2011 Chulalongkorn University SIFE Presenters and IT Team

Mr. Chote Jindaratanacholkij (President)                                      BBA 3rd year Finance major student
Ms. Taranan Asavatevavith (Vice President-Project)                 BBA 3rd year IB major student
Mr. Pitipat Kootrakul (Vice President-PR)                                     BBA 3rd year Finance major student
Mr. Pitch Lekskul (Vice President-HR)                                          Accounting 3rd year student
Ms.Varitta Ouiyamaphan (Project Leader-Soil Booster)             BBA 2nd year IB major student
Ms.Chanikarn Wongtada (Project Leader-Amazing Kohkred)  BBA 2nd Finance major student
Mr. Punnavit Poopattanapong (PR and IT)                                  BBA 3rd year Finance major student
Mr. Kanasit Tachapuntukul (PR and IT)                                       Engineering 3rd year student

This year, Chula SIFE has contributed to 3 communities by applying our business knowledge from classrooms as well as considering social and environmental factors to improve quality of life of our target groups.

1.) Soil Booster Project: In an attempt to decrease chemical fertilizer usage in agricultural communities, we offered farmers another alternative which is organic fertilizer produced by earthworms. We taught students at Panitwittaya School in Chachengsao Province to feed earthworms with leftover food and water then collect the fertilizer which is produced from their excretions. Students have obtained success skill and pocket money from nurturing these earthworms. Moreover, they have been playing an important role in this community since more than 40 families have switched to use this earthworm fertilizer and applied to their farming. We believe that this is a sustainable solution to chemical fertilizer usage.

2.) Amazing Kohkred: Kohkred was once a well-known tourist attraction with rich ancient Thai-Mon culture, but there are less and less tourists these days. Locals feel discouraged to stay in their hometown and to foster the culture since their incomes are not enough. Chula SIFE brainstormed with locals and came up with a simple but effective strategy for Kohkred. Map and Discount Coupon as well as Youth Guides will contribute to an impressive and valuable experience for tourists who will then tell their friends about it – Word of Mouth strategy. Now locals are able to marketing themselves which already resulted in an increase in income. This project is not only improving local economy but also strengthening Kohkred community by growing cultural pride in the heart of young generation.

3.) Cost Board: Crop prices, middlemen and natural disasters are external factors that farmers have no control over. However, farmers can manage their agriculture-related cost which is an internal factor. We have adapted cost accounting for farmers who do not have accounting knowledge so the content is easy to understand, in addition; we used role play technique to open their minds and convey all the messages. They now realize all the costs and understand their own cost structure. This foundation will lead to cost reduction process in the next phase of this project.

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