(non-holders of the Thai passport) or Thai students (who are holders of duo passports)

Special channel for international students application  (through the university international affairs office)
As with our effort to recruit international students, we understand that in the past there were international students applying to our program but some of them were not admitted due to a highly competitive admission to our program. In 2018, a special admission channel for international students has been set up to facilitate the international student admission. This will be through the university international affairs office.  We have set up a quota of 10 additional international students that will be admitted through this special channel. Of course, it is our belief that this will be giving international students a better chance to get into our program. Submitted score from international students will be ranked only among international students’ applications submitted to this particular channel.  Of course, international students can still apply to the regular channel through the BBA office but scores will be ranked together with Thai applicants, which can be more competitive. Please refer to the statistic information here for the past admitted scores in the BBA office channel for your consideration (http://bba.acc.chula.ac.th/index.php/2014-06-27-06-06-17/bba-statistics). Applying to both channels is possible but that means everything will be done twice, for example, application submission, application fee payment, and interviews. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee which channel will be the better way for you as it will depend on the submitted scores. 

1. Application channel through BBA office for Thai and International students
2. Application channel through University International Affairs Office for international students only
STEP 1 - Eligibility Criteria :
1. Applicants must be international students (non-holders of the Thai passport) or Thai students (who are holders of duo passports).
2. Applicants mus not be younger than 17 years old and must complete/be completing M6 or its equivalents levels in Thailand.
3. Applicants must achieve the minimum score on one of the following English Proficiency tests:
      3.1 TOEFL (paper-based)                                             not lower than   550     or
      3.2 TOEFL (Internet-based)                                          not lower than     79     
      3.3 IELTS  (Academic)                                                  not lower than    6.5     or
      3.4 CU-TEP & Speaking (taken the same date)           not lower than   101   (Chulalongkorn University Test of English Proficiency) 
4. Applicants will be evaluated on the combined test scores taken on the same date from either one of the following: 
 4.1 CU-AAT (Verbal and Maths)                                                              not lower than   1100     or
      4.2 New SAT (Maths and evidence-Based Reading&Writing)                 not lower than   1170     
If the applicant has exam results for both CU-AAT and SAT, he/she should clearly specify which exam result is to be evaluated. Only one should be selected or the application will be rejected. All scores according to 3 and 4 must be for examinations taken within two years of the application date.
5.  All applicants must have a history of good behavior and agree to abide strictly by existing and any future University regulations, codes and policies.

STEP 2 - Online Application: 

Applicants must complete an online application link between February 1 - March 31, 2018 : https://www.cas.chula.ac.th/admission/

STEP 3 - Application Packet: 

Applicants must complete the online application form in full and ensure that all the information supplied is true and correct. All application forms must be accompanied by the following:

1. Two one-inch (1") color photographs
2. Enrolment certificate (only for those who have not yet fulfilled all requirements for a high school diploma/certificate)
3. Academic transcript(s)
4. Copies of official diploma or equivalent certifying high school graduation or academic status from the applicant’s school
5. Either one of the following English proficiency results that meets the minimum requirements and electronic score must be sent to the BBA Chulalongkorn Code:
5.1  TOEFL’s Code:  4559
5.2  IELTS’s  Code:  138499
5.3  CU-TEP & Speaking: No code but the original score report must be submitted. The score report can be obtained at Chulalongkorn University Academic
      Testing Center, 3rd floor Chamchuri 8.
6. Either one of the following results that meets the minimum requirements and electronic score must be sent to the BBA Chulalongkorn Code:
6.1  SAT’s Code:  4559
6.2  CU-AAT: No code but the original score report must be submitted.  The score report can be obtained at Chulalongkorn University Academic
      Testing Center, 3rd floor Chamchuri 8.
7. A copy of the applicant’s passport
8. Evidence of application fee payment

STEP 4 - Interview: 

Applicants must come for a 15 minute interview in person or through skype during April 27 to 29, 2018. 


Admission Process Date
 Online Application
  - Please click at https://www.cas.chula.ac.th/admission/
  February 1 - March 31, 2018
 Applicants are required to include an application fee, THB 1,000 (plus 3% credit card
 processing fee). Applicants are able to make credit card payment by logging into their
 application account. Applicants should be noted that there is no refund for the
 cancellation of application.
 Oral Interview and/or Written Examination (If any)
  April 2018
 Announcement of Student Acceptance to the Programme (s).
 - Selected applicants will be officially announced through
  May 11, 2018
 Student’s Confirmation of Their Choice
 - Accepted applicants must confirm their choice. A certificate of admission will be issued
   and sent to the applicants via email from May 19, 2017 onward. They are required to
   present this certificate to the programme of their choice when they register.
  May 14 - 18, 2018


 June - July   Orientation Trip and Business Foundation Studies 
 August - December
 1st Semester
 January - May
 2nd Semester

Remark:  Orientation and Business Foundation Students are COMPULSORY, Failure to attend may delay your study plan.

Details of the annual Tuition & Fees estimated in USD are as follows:(Approx. 【USD 1 = ฿ 32】USD/THB)
Annual Tuition Fee per Semester Tuition Fee Payable to Chulalongkorn University Special Fee Payable to Faculty of Commerce & Accountancy Total
Fall 1,922 2,188 10,306
Spring 1,922 2,188
Summer 1,148 938

Remark: Fees include textbooks, materials and educational trips in Thailand and abroad (subject to change).   


Full scholarships (covering tuition and fees) and partial scholarships are availble. Please follow this link for more information http://bba.acc.chula.ac.th/index.php/2014-06-27-06-06-17/international-scholarships/scholarships-for-international-students