International Marketing 2015: A Hands-On Experience on How to Implement the STP Framework in the Entertainment Industry

Sep 22 2015
Written by: Benjapol Lueprasitsakul, BBA#17
“At the end of the day, we do not sell to everyone and we cannot become everything.” This is one of the many golden insights that Khun Subha-Orn Rathanamongkolmas had shared with Thai and International students in Ajarn Yayus Mak’s International Marketing class on Wednesday, September 16th, 2015.
The STP model, comprising of Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning, is a framework commonly used in the marketing domain to identify the various types of consumers in the market and how to differentiate a product from the competition. In International Marketing 2015, students were taught to further deepen their understanding of the STP concept and practice their ability to use it as a global marketing tool. 
In this class, Ajarn Yayus invited Khun Subha-Orn, Managing Director of Walt Disney Thailand to show students how the entertainment industry implements and uses the STP framework. Through dynamic dialogue and exchange of ideas/experiences, we learned about how crucial the framework is in an actual working environment for a global marketer. 
K. Subha-Orn guided the class using Disney’s recent movies such as Frozen, Cinderella, Inside Out, Tomorrowland, and also the Marvel Superheroes movies as case-studies, sparking interactive discussions and resulting in impactful takeaways from the class. Students learned about the importance of positioning a brand correctly and how it could extend profitability towards other brands and line of businesses in the company.
Both Ajarn Yayus and Khun Subha-Orn also shared their personal experience in their journey and career paths. “Search for your professional hobby” became the key takeaway when one of the students asked for personal career advice.
Currently the Managing Director of Walt Disney Thailand, Khun Subha-Orn is a seasoned marketer with 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. Ajarn Yayus Mak currently teaches and guides international students in her International Marketing class for the BBA International Program, Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University. In her class, Ajarn Yayus passes on practical insights, tools, and concepts on various topics that are must-have skills in the current business world. 
Quotes from Students:
“Khun Subha-Orn’s insightful and dynamic presentation had amazed and inspired us. I especially liked the way she illustrated how each of the marketing strategies we learned in class was perfectly applicable in real Disney's products. Khun Subha-Orn really did make the Disney's magic come to life here in our class!”
- Patsachon Kriengwatana, International Program, Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy 
“It is a very fun and informative class, showing how Disney’s marketing method works, something that I have never known before and is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. Finally, I would like to thank Ajarn Yayus Mak for allowing me to sit in her class.”
- Rapeepat Watcharaenpong, Thai Program, Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy
“It was a good experience to know about the strategy of a famous global brand such as Disney and I am thankful for being able to sit in Aj. Yayus’ class.”
 - Sangkaras Wiratchati, Thai Program, Faculty of Communication Arts