A volunteer activity - the Mangrove planting trip

Nov 11 2014
Written by: BBA Council
On the first of November, the BBA Student Council has arranged a One Day Trip to Klongkone, Samutsongkram on the Mangrove planting trip. Upon arriving we were welcomed by Puyai Joy, the owner of Puyai Joy restaurant, who has arranged the activities for us. The restaurant is located near the canal which leads toward the estuary surrounded by local houses built on the water and mangrove forest. After Puyai Joy’s greeting, we get changed into proper clothing before walking towards the boat deck where Puyai Joy explained our trip for that day.Firstly, we travelled in the boat along the canal to see the local way of life. We took 2 boats, which carry a total of 22 BBA student and exchange students. The canal neighbourhood was very different from what we used to see in Bangkok, houses here are built on water where children use the canal as their playground. Secondly, we visited the swamp area to feed the monkey with bananas. It was really fun to watch the monkey and we were surprised to learn that they could swim. After that, the boat stopped at the swamp area where we get to plant 4 mangroves each. The swamp is really slippery and the mud was quite deep. However, it was great fun! We also learnt that the mangrove we planted will help prevent flooding as well as to conserve the natural habitat. Along the canal we could see many mangrove forest being planted by big corporations.  We then ended the activities with water skiing at the estuary mout, the highlight of the trip. The exchange students seemed to really enjoy themselves with Thailand’s homemade wakeboard dragged by the speed boat.  Before we left Klongkone, we had lunch at Puyai Joy’s restaurant, despite being a simple meal of patkraprow gai kaai dao, it was very delicious and fulfilling. The One Day Trip to Klongkone was definitely one of the most excited and fun activities, not only we got to experience the canal neighbourhood but also help to conserve the environment while enjoying ourselves.  We look forward to visiting again next year.