A Volunteer Activity – A School Painting

Nov 11 2014
Written by: BBA Council
BBA Council has arranged a volunteer activity to Wat Klang School, Ayutthaya. BBA Students including exchange students, a total of 40 students, had an opportunity to paint the school. The school is located in local area close to canal, which is totally different from the hectic Bangkok. There are not only teacher greeting us, but also students who are very excited about our arrival at school. They were very friendly and provided us with exotic Thai fruits, water and Thai desserts. They also taught us the technique how to paint the walls, and we provided them paints and brushes.
In addition, we got to paint the walls and windows. Both students and teachers got to work together as a same team. Exchange students consider this as once in a lifetime experience since they got to see the local way of living, learn new Thai words and had an opportunity to try traditional Thai dessert, which is difficult to find in Bangkok. All the students really enjoyed the painting and really pleased to be a part of this charity project. Moreover, we were surprised when local kindergarten performed the traditional Thai dance for us all. The show was very well prepared and beautiful. They said that they were preparing Thai dancing for Loy kratong Day at school and they would like us to be the first group of people to see their dancing. When the time has come, we not only left the school with the task done, but also smile on their faces.