Mr. Louis-Sebastien Ohl was a guest lecturer in "Marketing Strategy" class

Sep 03 2014
Written by: Ajarn Yayus Mak
On Friday, November 2nd, Ajarn Yayus Mak’s students in Marketing Strategy 2012 had the opportunity to listen to a special guest lecture by Mr. Louis-Sebastien Ohl, CEO of Publicis Thailand. 
Titled “Lead the Change”, Mr. Ohl’s presentation exposed the students to a new way of thinking in marketing communications and aimed to raise the bar in client engagements leading to more compelling and innovative campaigns.
Accompanied by Khun Varisra Joemjutithom, Account Management Director, Mr. Ohl also shed light on the use of celebrity endorsements in Thai advertising and provided insights on how to execute more creative and differentiated celebrity campaigns.
Headquartered in Paris, France, the Publicis Groupe is one of the world’s three largest marketing and communications agencies. Publicis Thailand’s clients include Citibank, Index Living Mall, L’oreal Garnier, Nestle, Panasonic, Sanofi Aventis, and Swensen’s.
Mr. Louis-Sebastien Ohl, CEO of Publicis Thailand together with Aj. Yayus Mak and the students of Marketing Strategy 2012
Mr. Louis-Sebastien Ohl presenting “Lead the Change”
Mr. Louis-Sebastien Ohl with Aj. Yayus Mak