BBA Orientation Trip for Freshmen 2016

Jun 23 2016
Written by: Songlarb Riangkrul, BBA#21
I have had the opportunity to take part in the wonderful BBA Orientation Trip at The Heritage Pattaya Beach Resort, Chonburi Province on 17-18 June 2016 organized by the BBA office. This trip allowed me to begin my journey in the Chulalongkorn University on a hugely positive note. The BBA faculty and our upperclassmen treated us with exceptional care and provided us with a warm welcoming smile upon boarding our respective buses. After arriving at the Pattaya Heritage Resort, we also engaged in meaningful and productive teambuilding activities, which not only provided us with entertainment, but also allowed us to create and cultivate friendship amongst the BBA family. Apart from these teambuilding and icebreaker activities we were also formally introduced into the BBA program by the Director of the BBA office, who was keen on reinforcing the fact that we should be proud of being a BBA student and that we should enjoy our 4 years in program whilst embellishing in a multitude of activities the program has to offer. Moreover, I can't fail to leave out the fact that we were extremely well fed, as every meal organized for us was delicious, sumptuous and succulent. In addition, our day ended with a carefully thought-out and well-planned induction activity put together by our upperclassmen that stirred curiosity and excitement upon us all. In short, I am very pleased with my worthwhile experience at the BBA orientation trip and I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the BBA staff and BBA upperclassmen for putting in the genuine effort in organizing such a profound trip to start off our year with a heartfelt impression. Thank you for the warm welcome and I am looking forward to the coming activities that await us in the BBA program.