BBA Orientation Trip for Freshmen 2017

Jun 20 2017

Written by: Siyang Wang, ID 60 (BBA#22)
On the early morning of June 15, we BBA batch #22 students gathered ourselves before the buses bounded for our Orientation Trip at Sampran Riverside Resort, Nakonprathom Province. As soon as we reached our destination, we were warmly welcomed by the professional Team-Building personnel that shortly divided us into 8 teams and began the warming-up exercises before bringing us out into the field. Prepared for us are 4 stations of activities having the objective of letting us carry out the maximum of our imagination, concentration, and adroitness as a team. Despite the burning sun and the stranger-ness, all of us managed to communicate and strive together for success. In the afternoon, we confronted a much more challenging activity, which involves construction and practices our perseverance. Even though some of the teams were not able to complete the mission, there was still a lot of optimism and satisfaction gained from all the team effort. In the evening, we gathered in the meeting room to listen to insightful talks regarding the BBA course, including the timeline of a BBA student, rules and regulations, and highlighting the different student-orientated activities and the crucial idea of learning more than what is in the textbooks. This session certainly made us feel proud to be admitted to one of the world’s most popular faculties. After that, our senior BBA student representatives entertained us and hooked up our excitements for the upcoming Rub-Nong Camp that will be taking place in August. After a good night’s rest, we woke up to mysterious bags filled with goodies delivered to us from our P’Rahus.  We also visited Prapathom Chedi on our way back to ask for blessings and guidance. And that concludes our meaningful trip, the first step into becoming a Nisit of BBA, where we gained valuable knowledge and blooming friendships. A huge THANK YOU to BBA staff for organizing it.

Written by: Teejutha Bumrungpanichtaworn ID 60 (BBA#22)
This camp was the first event that everyone met each other so I felt a bit excited. During the camp, there were many indoor and outdoor activities which is very fun and enjoyable even though sometime it was a little bit hot. Although my friend and I were separated to different groups, I didn’t feel lonely. This is because the activities were like tools helping everyone get to know each other better. I got to know many new friends also many roon-pee. This camp also showed me how culture in BBA and CU be like. In addition, the place where the trip was arranged is comfortable and also the food taste good especially kanom-tuay. I really enjoy this trip, thanks to all staff including roon-pee!

Written by: Jatejit Jitjang ID 60 (BBA#22)
Chula’s orientation trip amazed me. I wasn’t expecting the trip to be such a memorable experience, considering the purpose of the trip is to orient new students. The trip, consisted of team building activities and lecture on the BBA program, was surprisingly enlightening and enjoyable. The activities were focused on creativeness and teamwork, which brought the students together and encouraged each one to participate. The lecture was very informative and engaging. The trip allowed the new students to connect and interact with each other while giving us a sense of accomplishment. I, personally, relished all the challenges and lessons from the trip. It was truly unforgettable.