2013 Executive visit from Lancaster University Management School, UK

Jul 12 2014
Written by : Tanyapa  Tantrasadetee, BBA#16
It was a great opportunity for us to be able to attend a very special session on 31th October 2013 in the BBA International Program Office given by Ms. Emma Jupp, Lancaster University Management School International Officer. The presentation about Lancester University was informative yet greatly interesting. Ms. Emma did not only open up my view about studying in United Kingdom both for the exchange program and higher education, but she also helped to guide BBA students about the criteria used to apply for one of the best management universities in UK. Before the presentation, I have no idea that Lancester University's environment and atmosphere is very heart-warming and fully-equipped with infrastructures and facilities around the campus. The courses offered during the BBA exchange program are absolutely appealing to me as a business student since it is possible to take every courses they have during the regular school program and transfer the credits back to BBA Chula. Overall, I believe that this presentation was very beneficial for all students.