ASEAN-Japan Youth Exchange Program

Jul 12 2014
Written by: Chompunuch Chachchaval, BBA#17
My name is Chompunuch Chachchaval, a 2nd year student majoring in accounting and I was selected to participate in JENESYS 2.0 Program during 23 May- 2 June 2013 as a representative of Chulalongkorn University in ASEAN-Japan Youth Exchange Program <JENESYS> held by the government of Japan <JICE>. The program includes participants from 10 ASEAN countries in 3 fields of study: Economics& Social science, Science and Technology and Art, creative works & culture. As a member of the Economics group, I went to Shizuoka prefecture, home of Mt.Fuji in Chubu province. During the program, we learnt the role of local government in Shizuoka through the lecture from government agencies. We visited Shimizu port, 12th rank in terms of trade value in Japan, and learnt how characteristics of Shizuoka prefecture contributed to its success. We aso visited Meiji production plant to observe the production of chocolate in real production lines and the high standard of quality control processes. Another place that we went to is SBS, Shizuoka broadcasting station and newspaper. At that place, we had the opportunity to see the printing process and a photograph was taken, which was later published in the newspaper. Not only that, we went to famous tourist attractions such as Azakuka temple and Kuno-zan Toshogu shrine, the shrine of the greatest shogun in Japanese history.
Besides knowledge about Japan, I gained a deeper knowledge of ASEAN from the time spent with my ASEAN friends throughout the program. Cultural diversity that was thought to be an obstacle from our understandings wasn’t an issue among us. We nourished our own unique cultures but on the top of that, we were bounded together by the feeling of being ASEAN citizens. We also discussed in depth about the integration of AEC in 2015 and made action plans, which were presented to officers from the Japanese embassy on the last day of the program.
I had one of the most memorable and precious experience of my life in this 8-day program. It made me grow a lot in person and knowledge. Moreover, I have also built strong and beautiful friendships with ASEAN friends, which is the most valuable part. Therefore, I would like to use this opportunity to thank you everyone who involved in making this event happen, especially the staff and directors from the BBA International Program at Chulalongkorn University.