The students studying in our partner universities around the world can apply to study at Chulalongkorn Business School for a semester or a year by paying tuition fees to your University. As per our Exchange Program agreement, you will be exempt from paying tuition fees to Chulalongkorn University during the exchange period. This will allow you to take classes here and transfer credits back to your school.
  When to Apply:
Study Period
Online Nomination Deadline
(for Student Exchange Coordinators)
Online Application Deadline 
(for Students)
Fall Semester
August - December
April 1 - 30
Spring Semester
January - May
September 1 - 30

To be able to join our Exchange Program, you have to be nominated by your home university. Also, different universities have different rules regarding transfer credits. To avoid any potential problems, we recommend that you obtain approval in writing before joining the Exchange Program
  Application Process:
Step 1: Online Nomination by ​Partner University
​The exchange coordinator of your home school will receive an email regarding the BBA online nomination from the exchange coordinator of Chulalongkorn Business School. The nomination period and deadline will be as follows:
  April 1 - 30 for incoming Fall Semester.
  September 1 - 30 for incoming Spring Semester
Step 2:​ ​Online ​Application by Students 
​After nomination has been submitted, students will automatically receive instruction for application by email. They are required to fill in an online form. ​The following supporting documents ​are required to upload during:
  ​​April 1 - 30 for incoming Fall Semester
  September 1 - 30 for incoming Spring Semester
1.  Polite Color photo  (Straight face in a white background & shirt (no T-shirt) and not showing teeth)
2.  I​​​​​​D page of the student’s passport
3.  ​Recent academic transcript (with English translation if applicable)
4.  Proof of the English language proficiency (required only a non-english native speaker)
5.  Letter of approval from home school
6.  Appropriate insurance coverage while living in Thailand. (Health & Accident)
​Please note that
  Only complete applications with all ​required supporting documents uploaded can be processed.
  Admission will be processed and letter of acceptance for visa application ​will be sent​ out ​ to your school:
  by May 30 for incoming Fall Semester
  by October 30 for incoming Spring Semester
  Students will be in contact with the exchange coordinator of Chulalongkorn Business School by the above dates for the up-to-date information​ such as ​courselist, accommodation, ​arrival form, ​buddy​ program​, online registration and ​etc​. 
  Tentative Course List and Course Syllabus
You can review courses as well as course syllabus online. This will help you to prepare choosing courses (study plan) before you fill in the online application. It is important that you contact your school in advance to get approval for course.
  Tentative Courselist AY 2022 - 2023 
  Academic Calendar
  Factsheet BBA Chulalongkorn Business School as of August 17, 2022 
  Housing Information
  Useful Information
The information includes Welcome to Thailand, General Tips on Thai Culture, Studying in the BBA International Program, and Miscellaneous
For more information, please contact:
Mr. Thirawut  Sutabut
Coordinator, Student Exchange & Study Abroad Programs (Inbound)
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: 662 218 5840
Fax: 662 251 3718