Objectives of the Internship Program :

All students majoring in IB and BM majors are required to complete the Internship as a graduation requirement (internship is optional for other majors). During the summer semester of your third year of study, students must complete an internship in a national or international business organization or government agencies. Students are encouraged to choose a workplace that matches your interests, or the type of job that could benefit your future careers. The areas of business in which students are allowed to have their internship include for example, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Personnel management, Consulting, sales management, Transportation, Import/export management, Content marketing, Startup Marketing, Sales and Marketing, Partner Marketing Innovation, Marketing and Community Assistant/Associate, Marketing Communication, eCommerce Product Marketing & Systems Specialist, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Online Marketing, Digital Marketing, Brand, Marketing and Communications (BMC), Digital Content and Email Marketing Specialist, and general management. The choice of workplace is subject to the final approval by the course instructor(s).

  • Internship course is a pass/not pass course. Students are expected to complete the internship learning opportunities.
  • After students have completed the internship in the summer, the course registration must be done later in the Fall semester 2023 of Academic year 2023 as follows:
    • 2602414 INTER BUS INTERN for IB major. (Prerequisite: 2602371 PRIN INTL BUS MGT)
    • 2605430 MKTG INTERNSHIP for BMM major. (Prerequisite: 2605311 PRIN MKTG)
Informations & Eligibility :
  • The internship period is normally in the summer semester (June - July). 
  • Students must complete the required 240 working hours for the internship (excluding 12:00 – 13:00 hr.) to obtain credit from your Internship. Internship hours cannot be split into multiple periods. Many companies have a formal Internship program period for two months in order for students to get deeper knowledge and solid work experience. 
  • The internship program (SIP) and CBA Chula cannot be counted as BBA Internship Program.
  • Attended and successfully achieved the objectives of the Internship Preparation Course. Failure to attend the course and achieve the required results will mean that students cannot register in the internship courses. 
  • Internship opportunities exist in Bangkok as well as in other provinces in Thailand. International internships are available in other countries. Any expenses are the student’s responsibility. 
Application Process :

Follow these instructions strictly Incomplete applications will be automatically rejected. There are 2 steps as follows:    

Step 1: Online Application
 Log on to the Internship Online Application at https://student-bba.cbs.chula.ac.th/Account/Login.aspx  
 Login with your Petra Account (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) 
Step 2Students must submit the following documentations for the internship application process to the BBA office by the deadline in either hard copies or electronic files:
1. Internship application form (In Step 1)
2. An academic transcript with “Certified True Copy” and your signature.
Resume (one-page). You can Download Resume Template here if you need one.
4. A copy of the student ID card with “Certified True Copy” and your signature.
5. A letter of acceptance / confirmation by the company.

Internship Calendar :

The Internship period is normally in the summer semester (June - July). As a result, there will be no classes for students doing an internship during this period.



Online Application


Deadline for Document Submission
(Application form, Transcript, CV, a copy of student ID card)


Internship Period

Submission of Documents 
(Evaluation by Company, Timesheet, Internship Report, Powerpoint Presentation)

Students do an internship in Summer semester 2022
of Academic year 2021.

(will register for the internship course in Fall semester 2022
of Academic year 2022).

The system will be open at 09:00 on November 15th, 2021 and closed will be extended until Monday, 25th April, 2022 before 15:00.

Students must complete the online application form and send CV, Transcript (non-official) from Reg Chula (PDF version) to P'Aor at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
will be extended until Monday, 25th April, 2022 before 
(A Hard Copy is not required to submit)
1 June – 29 July, 2022

To be announced


Notes :  
  Students will be given the internship package, which will include the official nomination letter, course outline, evaluation form, timesheet form by BBA Office and topics for the internship report before the internship start one week. These must be completed and submitted according to instructions.  
  If you have concerns or need help, please let the BBA Office know.    

Evaluation for Successfully Completing Internship Course :
  • The evaluation of the internship is based on four documents: (1) Evaluation form (by BBA Office) Company; (2) Internship Report (3) PowerPoint Presentation (4) Weekly Report (Week by week) and (5) Time report / Time record  by the Internship. These five items must be submitted together to the BBA Office within one week after internship finishes. 

For more information, please contact ::

Ms. Sirikarn Phithakthanachok
Internship, Career Services,
Course Evaluation, IT, Public Relations
E-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Tel: 662 218 6123
Fax: 662 251 3718