Field of Study Courses (30 Credits)
 Intermediate Accounting II (INTMD ACCTG II) 3 Credits
2601225  Cost Accounting (COST ACCOUNTING) 3 Credits
2601226  Accounting Information System (AIS) 3 Credits
2601227  Taxation (TAXATION) 3 Credits
2601322  Auditing (AUDITING) 3 Credits
2601323  Advanced Accounting I (ADV ACCTG I) 3 Credits
2601423  Advanced Accounting II (ADV ACCTG II) 3 Credits
2601426  EDP/IS Audit (EDP/IS AUDIT) 3 Credits
2601429  Financial Reporting and Analysis (FIN REPORT & ANAL)  3 Credits
2601497  Seminar in Accounting (SEM ACCTG) 3 Credits
 Field of Study Elective Courses (6 Credits)
 Select any following courses in a total of not fewer than 6 credits.
2601228  Internship in Accounting (INTERN ACCTG) 1 Credits
2601324  Profit Planning and Control (PROFIT PLAN & CTR) 3 Credits
2601325  Principles and Techniques for Internal Auditing (PRIN TECH INT AUD) 3 Credits
2601326  Analysis and Design of Accounting Data Base (ANAL & DSGN ACCTG DB) 3 Credits
2601327  Advanced Accounting Information System (ADV AIS) 3 Credits
2601328  ERP Software (ERP SOFTWARE) 3 Credits
2601424  International Accounting (INTL ACCTG) 3 Credits
2601428  Advanced Auditing (ADVANCED AUDITING)  
 Electives Courses (6 Credits)
 Select elective courses from courses in the major course groups (major courses and major elective courses) of International Business Major or
 Financial Analysis and Investment major, or accounting major that are opened by the Bachelor of Business Administration Program (International
 Program) or the following elective courses:
2602323  Business Research (BUSINESS RESEARCH) 3 Credits
2602333  Business Psychology (BUS PSYCHO) 3 Credits
2602336  Quality and Productivity Management (QUAL/PROD MGT) 3 Credits
2602396  CEO Business Experience (CEO BUS EXP) 3 Credits
2602399  Managing Organization and Change and Innovation (MNG ORG CHG INNO) 3 Credits
2602444  Development of Information Systems for Electronic Commerce (DEV ELECT COM) 3 Credits
2602474  Business Management  in Asian Countries (BUS MGT ASIAN COUN) 3 Credits
2603244  General Principles of Insurance (GEN PRIN INSURANCE) 3 Credits
2605314  Consumer Behavior (CONSUMER BEHAVIOR) 3 Credits
2605325  Brand and Product Management (BRAND PROD MGT) 3 Credits
2605410  Integrated Marketing Communication (INT MKT COMM) 3 Credits
2605425  Marketing Strategy (MKT STRATEGY) 3 Credits
2605481  Marketing Research (MARKETING RESEARCH) 3 Credits
3401452  Seminar in Business Law (SEM IN BUS LAW) 2 Credits
3401461  Seminar in Tax (SEM IN TAX) 2 Credits
 Free Elective Courses (6 Credits)
 Select free elective courses in a total of 6 credits from any major or faculty that are taught in English in the bachelor level within Chulalongkorn
 University or courses with transferred credits from other educational institutions.