Students who apply for the study abroad program are required to pay the tuition fees both to Chulalongkorn University and overseas university. They must fulfill the requirements set by the BBA Program as follows:
  1. Be a third or fourth year students with a grade point average (GPAX) of no less than 2.75.
  2. Achieve a TOEFL or CU-TEP score of 550 or IELTS 6.0.
  3. The overseas university must be accredited by Office of the Civil Service Commission.
  4. Provide the acceptance letter from the overseas university.
  5. Provide the letter of approval from parents.
  6. The period of study at the overseas university must be no longer than one academic year and the maximum number of credits than can be transferred to Chula is 36 credits or 12 courses.
  7. Students need to earn a grade of "C" or any equivalent in order to get credits transferred and no calculation for grade point average.
  8. To be able to get credits transferred, course registered at the overseas university must be approved. Students should contact the BBA Office in advance for appropriate preparation.
  9. Students are required to pay the tuition fees in accordance with Chula's rules and regulations.

Remark :: The above condition is also applicable to studying abroad program with BBA's exchange partners.

  When to Apply:
Study Period
Online Nomination Deadline
(for Student Exchange Coordinators)
Online Application Deadline 
(for Students)
August - December
April 1 - 30
January - May
September 1 - 30
Summer June - July January 1 - February 25

Ms. Potjanat Wittayasing 
Exchange Coordinator (Outbound)
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Tel: 662 218 5738, 662 218 5840 Ext. 108
Fax: 662 251 3718