All students have free access to a vast collection of English and Thai textbooks and other publications related to all areas of business management education.  Computerized book catalogs and periodical indexs to newspapers and periodicals, as well as a collection of CD-ROMs on various subjects are available for students to use. The Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy's library is connected to on-line searching systems that are linked to all libraries on the university campus. In addition, the Commerce Library offers a searching service for students who want to find publications available outside the campus and throughout the world.



The Faculty has also created a Self-Access Learning Center to use as a model for the University. The center is fully equipped with multimedia work stations, a sound lab, and video facilities. The computer facilities in this center are connected to the campus networks. Students will have full access to these resources, whether it is state-of-the-art computer software, database, CD-ROMs or other instructional media.



There are two computer centers within the Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy for both undergraduate and graduate students. The two centers are fully equipped with high performance PCs, connected to the faculty and campus-wide local area networks. Students can also use the university computer labs, located in the main library and the University Academic Resource Center.All faculty members have access to the campus networks. Work stations are available throughout the school, so that students can use electronic mail and have Internet access. All incoming students will receive a computer account that can be used during their college years