BBA LOG SUP CHAIN MGT : Student field trip to Sichang Island, Chonburi.

Mar 13 2018

Written by: Krittin Chitsamrit ID58

On February 27, 2018, BBA Students ID 58, 57 and exchange students who take 2602376 LOG SUP CHAIN MGT went on a field trip to Sichang Island, Chonburi. Sichang Island is in the Gulf of Thailand, 12 km off the shore of Si Racha District.

Its proximity of Sichang Island to shipping lanes has made it a convenient anchorage for dozens of barges which trans-ship their cargos to lighter barges for the trip up the Chao Phraya river to Bangkok.

It is required for the students who take this class to go to this field trip since we were able to see the logistics and supply chain in a physical form in the middle of the sea which will make more understanding of the system we had learnt from the classes.

After we got to the pier by bus, we took a boat to get to Sichang Island. The lecture was provided by Dr.Chackrit Duangphastra on boat on how to conduct cargo handling and show the different types of vessels used for international trade. Moreover, students were allowed to ask any question on board if there is any. When we got to the island, we traveled around the island by minibus to see some sightseeing important lookout and historical sites (Juthathurachathan Palace established by King Rama IV) which enable us to see some unseen parts of Thailand.

This field trip to Sichang Island has shown us that in order to understand logistics and supply chain, it is better to see through the whole processes by themselves.




Written by: Chosita Ponpayong, ID58

For our 2602376 LOG SUP CHAIN MGT class we went on a trip to Koh Sichang, Chonburi province on February 27, 2018. Sichang Island is a little bit offshore to the Sri Racha district.

Because it is close to Bangkok, along with its inshore water depth of up to 18 meters, has made it a convenient and effective anchorage for large vessels.  Petroleum can be stored and later transferred into feeder vessels that service shallow water ports throughout Thailand.

It is located conveniently to shipping lanes allowing it to be a suitable stopping point for barges to transfer their cargos to lighter barges and continue the trip up to Bangkok via Chao Phraya River.

It was a fun trip because we were able to see the actual logistics and supply system in actual action. I was very interested when we see the Panama bulk carrier. It was my first time to see one so up close.

After a short lecture on the boat by Dr. Chakrit Duangphastra about cargo handling, types of vessels and other details we weren't be able to learn in class, we moved on the the Sichang Island. We went on openair cars called "Song Taew" and toured the island. We went to a lot of nice sightseeing areas and historical spots (Juthathurachathan Palace established by King Rama IV).

Overall, I thik it was a nice trip for both us Thai and exchange students because we were able to experience something that we aren't able to in our classrooms.