BBA Internal Case Competition 2018

Feb 27 2019

Written by: Pemika Chanchamcharat, Year 3, Accounting Major
Internal Case Competition 2018 took place at Pullman Bangkok Hotel G during 14 -16 September 2018. The competition is an annual event organized by CU Case Club members, with the goal to provide the opportunity for second year BBA students to gain a real experience in solving a business case.
The competition started with the preliminary round, where the 16 teams were separated into 4 divisions. On Saturday morning, the teams were given 24 hours to develop strategies for Uber to successfully grow in the New Zealand market. The cracking process was challenging yet very fun to the students.
On Sunday morning, the teams proposed their solutions to our panel of judges consisting of our experienced alumni. The winning team from each division then proceeded to compete in the final round, where they presented the same case and received professional feedback from both professors and judges from various corporations such as SCB and HSBC. After intense deliberation between the judges, Heike Consulting won the competition.
Throughout the competition, all participants had shown exceptional dedication and impressive ability to apply knowledge learned from their classrooms. The quality of their presentations impressed the organizing committee as well as the judges, who said that the performance of participants were improving year on year.
All in all, this 3-day event was a great learning opportunity for the students to step out of their comfort zones and experience what it is like to be in a case competition. In addition to the business knowledge, students also gained the opportunity to improve their teamwork and time management skills, all while having fun.
Winner: Heike Consulting

Team Members:
  1. Yossuda Leelapanyaler
  2. Racha Pinyotamanotai
  3. Issaree Sirima
  4. Samw Kraiwin