2019 BBA Rural Project #13

Jan 16 2020
On 19-25 December 2019, BBA Rural Project 13 was organized in Lampang at Baan Mae How School, Hang Chat District, Lampang Province. 
Written by: Jirath Darnudom, BBA#22
Being camp coordinator throughout the end-to-end 1-year timeline, I learnt two key aspects. First and most importantly, I’ve understood the components required for stakeholder management. Being able to simultaneously meet the needs of numerous parties is crucial in effective execution, for instance, learning contribution amongst BBA students alongside enhancement of the community’s well-being. This also relates to compromization of opposing values and their consequences. Secondly, I realized that influencing others positively can amplify the effect for a larger group of people, which is more effective. During camp, numerous values were imposed and frequently reminded. Many participants internalized them and transferred such good deeds to the as well as their fellow camp members. Seeing this happen from the perspective of the staff head truly fulfilled my ambitions for the camp. Last but not least, I have to put forward that all would not be possible without my teammates, having gone through countless ups and downs together. I am extremely proud of them and could not have asked for more, except for the chance to collaborate again in the future. Thank you, Rural Family.
Written by: Marvin Intarakumthornchai, BBA#22
My final year as BBA Rural Project staff was filled with many challenging times as well as very rewarding moments. Being the camp coordinator, I had to take care of all the initiatives within the camp. This made me see all the different changes and impact we were making for the local community and school. This ranged from seeing a very old kindergarten building being renovated into a newly build and fully painted structure, as well as seeing the development of the children at the school and the smiles on their faces as they engage in the activities we have prepared. This was truly a life-changing experience for me as well as for all the other staffs and volunteers involved in this project where we continually learnt of the importance and value of being a ‘giver’ throughout the entirety of the camp. From this point I would like to see how BBA rural project continues to deliver impact to communities in Thailand and how it will keep on growing along with the people inside.
Written by: Supassorn Wangpanichkul, BBA# 23
Rural is a seven days camp that aims to bring help and support to rural communities in Thailand. This year’s rural project was held in Baan Mae How school and community. During the period of seven days, we set out to build a new kindergarten classroom as the old one is often flooded in the monsoon season as well as painting the community daycare’s walls. We also got opportunities to learn more about northern tradition and way of life and lead elementary students in activities that help boost inspiration and soft skills such as teamwork.
Last year, I learned about what it’s like to be a giver. To step out of the competitive business world where things are often driven by personal gains or benefits, and try to do something for other people without anything in return. I learned how simple ‘giving’ can be and how it can come in many forms whether by putting your effort into something even though you’re not good at it like construction, by cooking and taking care of people who’ve been hard at work, or just by being present and listening to other people’s point of view. This year, what I learned further as a staff member was how good it felt to be able to help guide other people learn and realize the same truth I did in the past as a volunteer during my previous year.