2019 BBA CAMP ครั้งที่ 8

Dec 02 2019

Written by : Nitirut Charupaisankit, BBA#22


For high school students it is very crucial to make the right decision especially when it comes to the perfect university for themselves. For the past eight years, the BBA International Program along with BBA students have helped fellow high school students from every region of Thailand to know more about what it is like to be studying at BBA Chulalongkorn and more specifically, what is the pathway that each of them can follow.
BBA Chula Camps have always been about offering the best experiences and support for students by students. Each year, we explore new ways to enhance our activities to participants and develop leadership skills for BBA students simultaneously. Apart from getting to know more about BBA Chulalongkorn, recent BBA Chula Camps provided extraordinary experiences which allowed participants to explore and ask themselves what they want to pursue post highschool graduation with support from our staff.
From my point of view, BBA Chula Camp is a life changer to participants. Activities and environment during the three days allow them to build a strong network of those who are ambitious to enter the program and support each other as they have been through similar challenges, and establish a forever lasting friendship within their fellow participants and all the roon P’.
Thank you all the roon P’ and the BBA Program who helped co-created this unique experience for all high school students out there and BBA students who had joined the rides together. Without any of them, BBA Chula Camp would never have been as great and successful as it is today.