Sep 15 2020

Written by: Sutthinee Srilertfar & Nitirut Charupaisankit
Co-President, BBA Council 2020

Due to COVID-19, classes and activities in the BBA Program are encouraged to move to virtual platforms. This takes away the chance for freshmen to be able to experience the normal BBA life and other students the ability to attend their usual university routines. We, BBA Council, saw this opportunity and decided to host a virtual activity which will help students from all years be able to meet, compete, and have fun. So, on September 9th, the BBA Council team organized the first ever “BBA Let’s Get (A)way” virtual event at BlackBox Theatre, in which over 100 BBA students participated. The activity consisted of tournament games such as ‘Crack the Code’, ‘Guess the Number’, ‘Spot the Difference’, and ‘ObjecTrip’, with the objective to bring the BBA student community closer by team building games and to raise morale in this challenging time.