Jan 27 2021
Written by : Nakamol Koraksawet, 3rd year student, BBA#23
Due to the COVID-19 situation, BBA Chula Camp9 held the first-ever virtual activities while aims to deliver a memorable experience to high school students to get to know more about the BBA Chula program.
On 8th November 2020, we marked our first live session where audiences get to participated in fun and educational games about the BBA CU program as well as had a chance to meet with our BBA student guest speakers to get a glimpse of BBA Life.
On 19th and 20th December 2020, BBA Chula Camp9 committee organized our first-ever private session where a hundred selected high school participants get to join our online activities via Zoom. During two days of the event, the participants were able to gain BBA academic views through online simulation games along with had a chance to develop friendships and connections among their fellow participants through ice-breaking activities. 
Throughout the three-months journey, BBA Chula Camp9 committee was able to gain such a wonderful experience developing leadership and teamwork skills among all the difficulties. However, we would not be able to deliver these remarkable experiences to all the participants without the hard efforts that we put in and all the support we received from each other.