Chulalongkorn Case Discovery 2021

Aug 04 2021
Written by: Mr. Prakun Aneklarpthaworn, 4th year student, BBA#22

Chulalongkorn Case Discovery is a business case competition, hosted by Chulalongkorn Case Club and Chulalongkorn University students from more than 6 faculties, with an aim to democratize case cracking experience for all undergraduate students from all backgrounds and institutions. With Grab Thailand as our case partner, the event has more than 250 teams participating from more than 5 universities.
The competition consisted of 3 rounds: Open Qualifiers, Semi-final, and Final round. 
  1. The Open Qualifiers round was a 7-day case cracking period (28 March - 3 April 2021) for each team to develop strategies for the case company. 20 teams were selected to proceed to the Semi-final round.
  2. The Semi-final round was held on 26 June 2021 where the selected 20 teams presented their case submission to the panel of judges. 4 teams were selected to proceed to the Final round.
  3. The Final round was held on 27 June 2021 where the 4 finalist teams present their case analysis to case company’s management and senior executives from notable businesses in Thailand.
The competition drew to a close with team ‘Mercury’ as the first winner of Chulalongkorn Case Discovery.
Overall, participants had gained valuable experiences from the case training workshops as well as solving real-world business issues. The organizing committee has also fulfilled its mission to spread business knowledge to far beyond business schools and colleges.