Welcome Event

Sep 02 2021
Written by: Tatiana Wongsakon Tabbush, BBA#24
President, BBA INTDEPT

This Fall, BBA welcomed 7 exchangers from all over the world! Germany, Japan, Switzerland and more. To begin on their excited journey, INTDEPT team hosted a welcome event on Saturday 14 August for the students to get more acquainted to Thailand and to get to know each other better. Due to the situation, we held the event online through video call, it was still definitely enjoyable. 
Leading up to the welcome session, we sent them a welcome box with all the key essentials they needed such as the comfortable elephant pants, ya-dom (fresh inhaler) and famous Thai snacks. 
In the welcome event, we provided essential information such as transportation and of course the best places to eat and order food from! We also got to know each other a little bit more through the speed dating game. Hopefully throughout the year, we can develop a great friendship!
INTDEPT has prepared many more activities with the exchangers in the future, hoping for fun adventure times offscreen and we will make sure they feel at home here in Bangkok.