Nov 25 2021

Written by: Pima Ongthaveekiat, 
President camp, 3rd year student, BBA#24

BBA Chula Camp, an exhibition arranged by the BBA students aiming to let high schoolers know about the BBA program. This camp was packed with business and faculty-related activities, including business simulations, current student talks, networking events, and other information sessions

This year, constrained by the ongoing pandemic situation, the 10th BBA Chula Camp was hosted virtually via Zoom on 7-13 November 2021. Despite its unconventional format, the camp, still, delivered the same exhilarating and memorable experiences, and ended with success and inspiration for high schoolers and the staffs, just like its previous predecessors.

Throughout the preparation period of three months, there is no doubt that the BBA Chula Camp 10 committee was able to gain such a memorable experience, establishing a relationship between fellow friends and seniors, as well as developing leader and teamwork amidst these times of difficulties.