BBA First meet trip for students ID64

Aug 15 2022

The first meet trip is one of the best activities organized by the BBA Program  in collaboration with junior students. I appreciate the various activities the BBA staff have prepared for us. As this is the first trip on-site after the pandemic, it is the best trip to start the year before studying on-site at the university. Out of the activities, I enjoy the waterslide at Vana Nava and a talk from the BBA alumni. As for the Vana Nava waterslide, my experience while riding along it was memorable and enjoyable. Aside, I made friends there I wouldn’t have a chance to in the classroom. As for the BBA alumni talk, I have an opportunity to hear from talented BBA alumni, be it an internship or club opportunities. This gives insights into what I can do at the BBA. Overall, I would recommend and encourage the upcoming class to participate in such activity. This would be an unforgettable moment for me, and I’m sure those who have enjoyed the trip would agree as well. 
Written by: Thee Pongponpraiwan, BBA#26
I was really looking forward to the trip, and it was incredible. We can get to know each other better through the activities, which helped us to break the ice and play as a team. I made a lot of friends, and all the activities brought us even closer together. Plus, because the venue was a water park, we could play a lot. It was very enjoyable. The other memorable thing was that we can get to hear our roon-pee sharing his experience and opportunities when he was in BBA, giving us inspiration from his success. I really had fun. Thanks to all the staff!
Written by: Nitsiri Khonngan, BBA#26
There are two main reasons why the BBA First Meet Trip for Students ID 64 in Prachuap Khiri Khan is an extremely memorable and inspiring moment. First, we got a chance to network with fellow students after a full academic year of online learning. Moreover, we appreciate meeting people who share the same passion and begin their journey at BBA Chula. Second, we learned what to expect for our three years ahead both inside classrooms and beyond. Furthermore, we felt encouraged by learning P’Tar BBA alumni’s career path with Shopee in Southeast Asia and Brazil. Most importantly, P’Tar motivated us to think outside the box and enjoy our unique adventure at Chula. In conclusion, meeting with like-minded friends and listening to graduates’ uplifting stories are the key points why the BBA First Meet Trip is a truly unforgettable and impressive experience.
Written by: Panida Wichiramala, BBA#26