BBA Orientation Trip for 1st year students (ID65)

Aug 21 2022

The activity hosts are excellent; they are really funny. The activity might be simple, but it is very challenging.

In the white team, many of our teammates are very shy. However, in order to finish a task we have to communicate and work as a team. And that really strengthens the bond among us. Starting off as a stranger, coming out as a friend.

Another thing I would like to mention is P'Boss (Chakrapoj), the alumni. I have learned so many things about BBA and even beyond BBA. His presentation really prepared us for life in university and even after graduation.

Lastly, this trip is certainly unforgettable. I can see the afford that has been put into it by the sophomore students and the program staff. Speaking on the behalf of all freshmen, thank you all for creating such a wonderful experience!
Written by: Teerawee Jerapakpongsapak BBA27
The first BBA’s onsite activity at Pullman Pattaya G hotel was very fun and memorable. I was impressed by the team-building activity in the camp, especially the one at the beach. During the team-building activity, We were separated into small groups, which helped us to make new friends and develop teamwork skills. Moreover, the alumni (P'Chakrapoj) speech on the topic of “finding your compass” inspired me a lot. This session makes me know more about activities in BBA along with nice advice from P’Poj. What’s more, the accommodation and food that this camp provides are beyond expectation. Overall, the trip was flawless. I got to know a lot of new friends and had a great memorable time.
Written by: Nattaya Chantaathipong BBA27