2023 BBA Rural Project #15

Jan 18 2023

After the covid-19 era that obstructed all on-site activities, the BBA Rural Project has returned for its 15th journey. This community development camp had been held at Ban Huai Rai School, Thung Hua Chang District, Lamphun during 19-25 December 2022. 
Written by : Chatthamet Sirirangsiphet, BBA24
The rural project offers an opportunity for BBA students to exchange culture with a community in the upcountry along with fulfilling them in the areas they need. For this year, we provided a more secure environment for the school by building walls to surround them, created unforgettable memories and happiness for the local students through educational and amusing activities, and fulfilled basic needs for the underprivileged community by giving away necessities. Without prior on-site organizing experiences of the camp, I eminently appreciated all of my teammates for the hard work and effort they put into this camp.  We have been facing a lot of obstacles this year, but in the end, we were able to come up with a heart-touching ending for both the campers and the community. Lastly, I think that there was magic in this camp as it never fails to remind you to appreciate what you are doing as you can find happiness in the little things you do in your daily life. Rural project 15 was certainly one of the best experiences of my university life that I will never be able to find anywhere else, and I would definitely encourage my underclassmen to join Rural for an unforgettable experience.
Written by Yanida Punsak-udomsin, BBA 25
It has been over 15 years that the BBA Rural Project has been creating happiness and bringing smiles to the local community. Our project’s goal is to support people and students in rural areas where resources and opportunities are limited. Each year, we work with the community to identify their needs and come up with creative solutions to address them. This year, we have many projects and activities from building the school's fence to teaching students.
This experience has taught me many valuable lessons. As a staff member of the community relation department, I’ve learned that giving is not about money or objects, it can be simple things like a listening ear, a helping hand, or a smile. It's about being present and making an effort to understand the needs of others. Seeing the smile on their face is priceless.
I’d like to thank my friends and everyone involved in this project for the precious journey that will always be cherished in my heart. The experience of working together to make a positive impact in the lives of others was truly invaluable.
Written by: Chakrit Kamhom, BBA26
The Rural Project gave me the chance to escape the boring urban life, where I struggle to find happiness and where people seldom ever lend a helping hand. It was the first time I truly understood the happiness that comes from sharing and giving. We helped the school by constructing walls, teaching the children, donating items, and showing everyone there our love. The only thing we received in return, happiness, was worth more than everything else. It was the first time I had actually lived locally, which many people mistakenly believe to be a challenging way of living but, in reality, it was only a simple way to live and find happiness.
Moreover, I made a lot of friends with both locals and other campers throughout my time there. Everyone can get to know one another better and form friendships after just seven days of engaging in activities and helping each other. After the camp, I changed in many ways, and I wish to keep engaging in this kind of activity every year.
Written by : Anna Liang, BBA27
Life is all about stepping out of your comfort zone and taking risks. I got to do all that when I decided to apply for “RURAL”, a 7-days community service camp. To be honest, I did not expect much of the camp itself as I had zero knowledge of what will happen. However, little did I know, the best things in life are unexpected. This camp offers me a myriad of things I could ever ask for: friendships, a better understanding of the art of giving, quality time spent, and most importantly unforgettable memories. It taught me to grow as an individual while giving me the precious opportunity to give back to society. I finally came to a realization that happiness is easily gained by enjoying the small things in life. Being able to put smiles on “พ่อๆแม่ๆ” and the kids’ faces gives me a sense of joy and comfort. The type of feeling I’ve never experienced anywhere but here. And I dare to say I do not regret a single second that I spent at Baan Hua Rai.