BBA Chula won John Molson Undergraduate Case Competition 2018 (JMUCC)

Apr 20 2018
Written by: Ravisara Wachakorn, BBA#19
On 24 February, delegates for Chulalongkorn University BBA Program came first in the largest international undergraduate case competition organized by Concordia University beating the reigning champion team from University of Florida in the same division. After one week long of 4 presentation rounds, Chula team turned around their performance during the long 24-hour case to win final round.
JMUCC with the slogan “We mean business” is known to be the toughest case competitions in the world. Twenty-four teams from renowned universities around the world such as National University of Singapore, Queen’s University and University of New South Wales are separated into 6 divisions. The competition is organized in two rounds: round-robin (three 3-hour cases) and one 24-hour case. The 24-hour case that featured Walmart Canada was interactive with 3 challenges given to each team at unannounced time intervals to complicate case cracking. 
Scores for the Chulalongkorn team after three rounds of 3-hour case presentations was 20, last in the division and trailed the leader, University of Navarra, by 4 points. However, as per the rules of the competition, the team that wins the 24-hour case will receive 45 points (40, 35, 30 points for the second to fourth team consecutively) and Jazzy Associates was able to present a catchy and impactful strategy to win the Walmart Canada case to proceed to the final round along with 6 other teams with everything to play for the team from Chula was able to two around their performance from the first round to beat the other finalists from, The University of Toronto, University of Munster, American University of Beirut and Dublin Institute of technology to win the JMUCC 2018.
On behalf of the team, I would like to express our sincere gratitude to the BBA International Program, BBA Case Club, faculty members who all have shaped us and supported us throughout the journey leading up to the competition. We also would like to thank Aj. Dr. Tim, Noparumpa, our team advisor, for his special dedication to the team.
Results of the competition
  1. Chulalongkorn University
  2. Queensland University of Technology
  3. University of South Carolina