BBA Chula won Champion Best Performance Risk Management and Innovation at Deloitte Thailand Business Challenge 2019 (Tax & Risk Case Competition)

Mar 21 2019
Written by: Nalinwara Pattara-angkoon (Dear), IB, 2nd year.
On February 7-8, 2019, Lapin Consulting won the Champion Best Performance Risk Management and Innovation, at Deloitte Thailand Business Challenge 2019. The four members were Nalinwara Pattara-angkoon, Nitirut Charupaisankit, Porama Sinthunawa, and Yingrak Phuathavornskul. Furthermore, the Tax Rising Star award was also won by Mr. Nitirut, with his outstanding individual performance.  
The competition was an opportunity for university students around the nation to uncover their potential and deep understanding on business, innovation, risk and tax. This competition aims to search for a winning team that would be the representative of Thailand Team to compete in South East Asia Tax Challenge and Risk Intelligence Challenge. 
The challenge kicks start with an Open Selection Round of submitting a video clip answering a political question that could potential affect the economy in Thailand. The selected teams will be invited to the challenge which consist of the preliminary round and final round. In the Preliminary Round, the teams were asked to present a short case with 45 minutes of preparation time. In the Final Round, the teams were asked to work on a longer case for 3 hours. 
Lapin Consulting will be representing Team Thailand at the South East Asia Risk Intelligence Challenge on July. 
On behalf of the team, we would like to express our sincere appreciation to our family and seniors for their sincere support, trust, and love throughout our learning process. We also would like to thank the Deloitte staffs for showing their great hospitality towards us, making the competition really special.
Below are the thoughts of our members
Ms. Nalinwara Pattara-angkoon (Dear), IB, 2nd year: 
“I am delighted to be a part of this splendid business case challenge. This unique case has opened up my perspective and knowledge on useful business situations. The dedication and synergy by the team proves that, as a team, we can always achieve success. Since this is our first win on a nationwide competition, I truly believe that it will be one of our most precious memories. Finally, a big appreciation to my parents and the team who has always been by my side during this amazing journey! ”
Ms. Yingrak Phuathavornskul (Baipor), Accounting, 2nd year:
"I would say that it was the best case experience I never had that grew from the enthusiasm of my teammates, the amazing team at Deloitte, and most important of all, the challenging, yet most enjoyable case cracking session all of us ever had. Thank you Deloitte for giving us this life-changing opportunity."
Mr. Nitirut Charupaisankit (Ten), Finance, 2nd year:
Since the day that I know that we are qualified, I was surprised and looked forward for the real challenge. Tax and Risk Managements are the topics that we have never been exposed, but as time went by we synergically developed the skills and knowledge needed together. The case given both rounds were challenging but we managed to generalise it in to a bite-size piece. The time constraint was also very tough, yet it did not prevent us from being the champion. I believe that our key to success is the synergy we all shared. Without any of us, we wouldn't be able to come this far. 
Thank you Deloitte for giving us a chance to show our potential and allowing us explore advance topics in the real business world."
Mr. Porama Sinthunawa (None), Accounting, 2nd year:
“It was a great opportunity participating in this competition. I am really thankful for Deloitte for having us during two-day competitions. We gained knowledge in the fields that are hard to comprehend by sophomores: tax and risk management. Additionally, I personally feel very grateful working with Baipor, Dear and Ten who always support each other through our journey. We are preparing at our best for the next competition in June.”
The competition results are as follows
  • Champion Best Performance in Risk Management and Innovation: Lapin Consulting, Chulalongkorn University
  • Champion Best Performance in Tax: 4by4, Thammasat University
  • Tax Rising Star: Mr. Nitirut Charupaisankit, Chulalongkorn University