BBA Chula won first place at Alberta International Business Competition (AIBC) 2019, University of Alberta

Nov 29 2019

Written by: Pakorn Chavanalikikorn, BBA#21

On November 16, 2019, Bingsu Consulting emerged as the champions for Alberta International Business Competition 2019 after placing first in their division for both the 5-hour and 30-hour case rounds. The four members were Pakorn Chavanalikikorn, Nattaya Sithisarankul, Jatejit Jitjang, Arisara Pornratanaraksa.
The Alberta International Business Competition 2019 was organized by The University of Alberta. The competition was organized inJasper, one of the UNESCO Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage sites. The team had to compete against 11 leading universities around the world, such as Concordia University, Copenhagen Business School, and University of Hongkong.
The competition was consisted of two cases: one 5-hour case and one 30-hour case.
For the 30-hour case round, the team had to solve the talent acquisition and retention issues for Canadian Brewhouse, one of the leading sport restaurant chains in Canada.
The team would like to express their sincere gratitude and appreciation to the BBA International Program for providing the valuable opportunity and Chulalongkorn Case Club’s members and alumni for the endless support. They would also like to thank their advisors, Asst. Prof. Dr. Buraj Patrakosol and Asst. Prof. Dr. Chackrit Duangphastra, for supporting them both prior to and during the competition.
Below are the thoughts of our members:
After all the sleepless nights and more than 30 hours of travelling, bringing the 1st Place trophy back to Chula was more than something I could ask for. I would like to show my gratitude to my teammates who have always been supporting me and each other along this journey. I look forward to seeing every of you succeed again in the future. I would like to also thank you our advisors, Aj Buraj and Aj Chackrit, our friends, Noon and Patty, and lastly our alumni, P' Yoyo who have sacrificed their valuable time preparing our team to be in the best shape prior to the competition. – Mr. Pakorn Chavanalikkorn (Peng), Finance, 4th year.

“It was definitely a rewarding moment when we were announced as winner of AIBC. Looking back, I am grateful for every member of our team, Peng, Pop, and Jino, who have put so much efforts in giving constructive feedbacks, improving ourselves, and keeping on developing our team’s way of work until it reached to this winning point. I would like to also show my appreciation to our advisors, Aj. Buraj and Aj. Chakrit, P’ Yoyo, Noon, and all other club alumni and fellow members who have been the important mentors and great morale support to our team. Even as a senior, I still learn new things from you all, from each of the practice, and from the competition; all these inspire me to keep on improving myself even after this achievement.” - Ms. Nattaya Sithisarankul (Sandy), International Business, 4th year
AIBC will also be one of the most memorable event of my university life. Through the beginning until the end, we went through a lot of trainings and we learned a lot of new ways to think about a business case; and our team gets better as time passes. I learned so much and I enjoyed all the time spent together with my team during both training and competition. I cannot express how grateful I am to be in such a supportive environment. The result is derived from the hard work that we have put in, and I am proud to be a part of Chula community. - Mr. Jatejit Jitjang (Jino), Finance 3rd year
AIBC 2019 will be a competition which I will forever remember. It has been a third competition for me this year, and all the hard work paid off. This prize has been achieved due to the support of many strong-willed people, my teammates, our advisors, and supporting case club members. I hope that we can continue the tradition of this supporting culture to pass on the success to others in the faculty. - Ms Arisara Pornratanaraksa (Pop), Finance 3rd year
Results of the competition

  1. Chulalongkorn University, Thailand
  2. Concordia University, Canada
  3. HEC Montreal, Canada