Thailand Social Case Competition 2021

Sep 06 2021
The “401 Consulting” team has been chosen as #TeamNestlé winner from over 225 participating teams at AIESEC Social Case Competition 2021. The competition started with a 7-day case on providing an innovative and sustainable business model for the homeless society in Thailand. Following that, the team competed in the Nestlé track from 7-18 July 2021 to tackle the issues of PET bottles through the process of upcycling, where the final products would later be contributed to the local communities.
“Less goes to waste, best for the rest“ was our slogan during the final pitch, where we presented to the judges a complete and collaborative cycle aiming to aid the plastic bottle collection into the upcycling process in Thailand. Having put hours and hours into this case, we got to look at the environmental problems from a different perspective, not just on its causes but more on the positive impacts that we could create! Winning this competition means a lot to the team, especially myself, because it empowers and inspires us to be more aware of social issues and of the power in our hands to create changes. Lastly, I want to give a huge shoutout to my incredible teammates. Without any of our valuable contributions, we wouldn’t be here today. 
Written by: Miss Natrida Apairatana, Accounting, 4th Year
Having participated in this social case competition truly challenges us not only to understand the social issues that exist in our society but also to design an impactful solution towards those problems. We have learned so much during the cracking period and were so glad we chose Nestlé as our track for the second round of competition. Also, I could not be more grateful for the team we have made - Yam, Saya, Sea, it has been such a long journey together and I am so happy that we finally received first place. Becoming the winner of Nestlé track means so much to all of us. I hope that our contribution could provide positive impacts, both towards Nestlé, and also the society as a whole.
Written by: Miss Phimlaphas Munikanond, International Business Management, 4th Year
Despite the ongoing COVID-19 situation, I am very grateful to participate in this virtual social case competition with all my teammates. As a person who did not participate in many social case competitions, I would say that this was truly an eye-opening experience, yet challenging, for me. This 1-month journey was definitely like a roller coaster, but thanks to my team members - Yam, Saya, Punch - for being through all the ups and downs together. Even though this 1-month was exhausting, we proudly say that our team has placed as the winner for Nestlé division. This experience will surely be one of the most memorable memories of my university life. 
Written by: Miss Pimlaplus Chatvattananon, Finance, 4th Year
AIESEC Social Case Competition was a perfect contest to remind us students that we should not only focus on impacting the business but also the society we live in. This competition has opened our eyes to how such small changes in our behavior can change the lives of others. The journey to the trophy has been very challenging but I could not be more grateful to have done it with my colleagues - Yam, Sea, Punch - who have been through ups and downs together since our freshy times. This is definitely one of the peakest moments in my university life. Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude towards Nestlé for giving us the opportunity to propose strategies to your company while providing us with valuable feedback. We will not take them for granted.
Written by: Miss Nattaya Jaruvekin, International Business Management, 4th Year