2023 The Chulalongkorn Investment Competition (CIC)

Nov 21 2023
The Chulalongkorn Investment Competition (CIC) has successfully concluded its first year, marking a significant milestone as Thailand’s foremost investment challenge.
CIC aimed to stimulate interest and understanding in the field of Venture Capital (VC) within Thailand. With a focus on providing Chulalongkorn students a platform to explore and engage with VC, the event aspired to lay the groundwork for their potential future involvement in this promising financial domain.
The outcomes of this pioneering competition were profound. Participants delved into the depths of VC, acquiring invaluable insights and gaining hands-on experience. Most notably, they were afforded the extraordinary opportunity to engage closely with esteemed alumni, further exploring the nuances and potential of VC. 
A diverse array of participants joining from various faculties within Chulalongkorn University—ranging from BBA to BaScii, ISE, BALAC, and more—contributed to the dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives, enriching the overall competition.
This year saw an impressive turnout, with 41 teams participating. After a rigorous competition, it is with great pleasure that we extend our congratulations to Team "Sidwell" for their exceptional performance, earning them the esteemed title and a prize of 10,000 baht, recognizing their commendable efforts and strategic acumen.
The success of the CIC wouldn't have been possible without the gracious support of our sponsors and partners. Heartfelt thanks to Beacon Venture Capital for their pivotal role in conducting workshops, case screenings, providing the venue at the auditorium, and generously sponsoring the prize for the winning team. Special acknowledgment goes to the judges from Beacon Venture and Orzon Ventures, whose expertise and guidance elevated the judging process. Additionally, immense gratitude to our esteemed alumni, including Khun Wanwares Boonkong (P'Pippin) - Senior Investment Manager from Beacon Venture Capital, Khun Jirapat Suvidejkosol (P’ Jiw) - Investment Associate from Vertex Ventures and Khun Laphat Tantiphipop (P’Mickey) - Investment & Portfolio manager from Cento Ventures for hosting insightful workshops.